Decoflex Swatch Natural wood

Decoflex Swatch Natural wood

Decoflex Swatch Natural wood Ref: D-SWA-01
  • Size: 120x85

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Additional info

23 wood species of the Decoflex stock range. The Decoflex swatch gives an overview of all wood species in stock. All other wood species are also available in Decoflex but we need a longer delivery time for those.


2.19 Ash white
2.07 Bamboo natural plain pressed
3.09 Bamboo steamed side pressed
3.11 Beech steamed
2.13 Beech white
2.09 Birch half rotary
5.09 Cherry European
5.08 Cherry US
3.29 Chestnut
2.33 Douglas Fir
3.36 Elm red
3.28 Iroko
5.10 Khaya
3.31 Larch
2.28 Maple
3.47 Oak
2.15 Pine
5.27 Sapele
2.38 Sycamore
3.41 Teak
3.33 Walnut American
4.10 Wenge
3.43 Zebrano